Saturday, May 30, 2020

My new experiments :))

Hi !!!

Hope you all are doing good...:)

We have been enjoying rains  since two days..... & the climate in Delhi has suddenly become more pleasant... From extreme hot weather it has now become more bearable... Hope it stays this way for few more days..:))

Today I am going to share my watercolour painting & some embroidery using bullion stitch.

Firstly lets talk about my watercolour creation... I love watercolour very much but somehow practising it everyday doesn't seem possible... And after a while when I paint I feel i have forgotten the minute details, the shading part dark side lighter side etc... So by the time I am done with my painting that sense of surety is somehow lacking ... 

This is how it looks.... The drawing ref is from Pinterest... The original work is done in pencil shading which I have interpreted in watercolours. Hope you will like it .

Now coming to my embroidery.... I love it very much but its proving very taxing for my eyes....thats why nowadays I don't work much on needlework.. I am working on these designs for somebody who has asked me to make it for them..... 

Do drop in with your views on the above.:))

Till next time #stayhome #staysafe #becreative  :))



  1. Beautiful creations !!!!!!! You do it right, continuing to be creative :)
    Have a nice week !

    1. Thanks Anna !! Hope you are having a great weekend ;))

  2. Nice watercoloring, love the embroidery's so intricate and beautiful. I feel embroidery is slowly becoming rare now

    1. Thanks Lavina.... No not really.. I feel nowadays people are getting more innovative with designs With brazilian embroidery gaining momentum 3d embroidery is getting popular and people are trying it out on small projects like jute pouches, buttons,small pendents etc...



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