Saturday, July 16, 2011

M-seal pen stand

This is a pen stand which has been made of M-seal ( white). You can find it in any hardware shop or any craft store. One can also opt for Shilpkar from fevicryl. Its very easy to use. You just have to mix the white and the green portion and can mold it accordingly. You should use little bit of talcum powder to make it less sticky on hands. I personally find m-seal very convenient to use as one can do the molding and sticking simultaneously.


1. To make this i have used an empty container as a base and covered it tightly with a polythene. This way m-seal doesn't stick to ur bottle  and u can take it out easily.
2 After that take small portion of m-seal and mix the white & green part completely.
3. Make long snakes and cover the container with it. Start from the center bottom of the container.
4. Once it dries off, your stand is ready. Take it out from the container.
5. Now paint it with acrylic colors of ur choice. You can also add cartoons/flowers etc to give it more volume.
Note : Always take out required amount of m-seal before u start working on it because m-seal dries off really fast. So u will end up wasting more rather than molding.

Hope you like this tutorial.

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