Friday, July 31, 2015

My Sketch book - Another madhubani painting

Hi !!!

This is another Madhubani painting  of Lord Buddha, which I am going to share from my sketch book. 

Do let me know how it looks :)

I also tried out a new healthy recipe of Bran Muffins.

Sorry, I didn't get a chance to click more fancy pics, as my kids got busy eating them.These are very delicious and yummy. Elements like wheat bran, oats, dry fruits make it a very healthy option for breakfast / snacks / dessert.

For detailed recipe please visit here . Do try out these muffins this weekend & let me know how it turned out:) I am sure your family is going to love them.

Take care & have a nice weekend :)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ruffled Doily

Phew !!!! finally the doily is complete. This is the first time that I have tried to make a doily this size bigger & am really glad that it came out well.

Made with pink & white coloured thread, the size of this doily is approx. 20" in dia. I have used 12 no. steel hook to make this.

For the pattern plz visit this & this link

Do let me know how it looks:)

Till next time take care & have a creative week ahead:)

Monday, July 13, 2015

My Sketch book

Hello !!!!

Monsoon has finally arrived in the Capital and the temp. has dipped dramatically... Good time to take out my sketch book & practice... 

This is a village girl carrying water - Madhubani style. This is first time I have tried to create some thing like this on my own and I am happy with the outcome.:)

This is another sketch of a colony lane. I got this from a book, & have given it a monochrome look. I have given a base of water colour and then highlighted the same with pencil colours using different shades of brown.  I hope I have got the perspective right.

Do drop by & let me know how it looks :)

Till next time bye and have a nice week :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cone Work


I had this wooden cut out lying with for a year now. This is wall clock in peacock shape. I had seen this at somebody's house & decided to get the same for my house. On my request my dear friend obliged me & got the same cut out for me from Gurgaon & delivered it at my place also. 

I kept it in my cupboard & forgot all about it. I think human nature is like that. When you want something desperately in life you make all efforts to get it, but once you have acquired it you kind of loose interest in that......... 

Few months earlier she called me up & asked me whether I completed the clock...... & then it struck...... OMG how can I forget....So this is how this piece got my attention :)

Initially, I thought of doing M-seal work on this., but then deciding against it I dared myself on trying out cone work on this. The only time I have tried cone work is when I was learning Relief painting & found it very tricky. Bringing together the cone mixture is very difficult task for me . Sometimes it becomes tooo runny .. other times tooo thick. Still I decided to go ahead & give it a try....

I gave the base color red & then did the cone work.. For the mixture I have used stone powder and carpenters glue.

As you can see I have re-worked on the colors  .........

to reach the final picture......... 

I still have to affix the clock then it will be fully complete.

Hope you guys like it :) 

Do drop in and let me know how it looks :)

Till next time take care and have a nice week !! :)


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