Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Finally.... with my first post in 2016

Hi !!!!!

Hope I am not too late to wish all my readers a very happy & healthy 2016 :-). 

But my life has been such a roller coaster.....  with work, work & more work. First my younger son came down with viral and by the time he was okay I caught the virus. After suffering from fever for a few days, it was time for our family vacation which my husband had planned since Dec.......... so couldn't cancel it either:( ( which I seriously wanted to...) . For our little trip we drove down to Rani Khet, Uttarakhand. The journey was very taxing, as I was feeling very weak after the illness. So you can say the whole time I was there I was eating, sleeping & watching TV. We did go out to explore the nearby local mkts., temples..... but thats that, nothing much. I didn't click much, but this is the view from out hotel balcony.....

Isn't it beautiful  !!!! I so much wanted to enjoy the view with a hot cup of tea... but alas.... becoz of monkeys had to drop the idea. 

After coming back, life went back to doing mundane chores...... again loads of pending work to do..... which got piled up during our absence. Even though I don't mind the hectic pace. In fact I love :) it just gets tiring sometimes. 

This new year I also got a wonderful surprise, when my best friend from my school days contacted me through FB and from her I was able to trace  another school friend of mine.She is in kolkata right now & I hope to visit her soon....

On the craft front I have been moving at a snail's pace. Have not been able to complete my wips so far. Just managed to complete this crochet shawl

And did some cooking like gajar ka halwa 

Choco chip muffins... looks delicious na .......

and some more sketching (these are all coloured pencil shading)

Do drop in  & share your views with me:) 

Till next time enjoy :)


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