Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crochet Mobile Pouch

My mother taught me to crochet at a very early age. In my school days i used to do lot of crochet work. But later on with busy time schedules,studies i literally stopped crocheting. Few months back while surfing thru net i came across the tutorial for making these beautiful mobile pouches. I loved them so much that i decided to make them immediately. The stitch used in this pouch is shell stitch. The blue pouch is made of yarn and for the yellow pouch i hv used thread .

Friday, May 20, 2011

Decorative photo frame

Materials used.
Photo frame
ceramic dough (cornflour+ceramic powder+carpenters glue+glycerine)
fevicryl pearl colours 


Lately i hv been concentrating on ceramic work & candles too much. But now i am thinking of trying out something new with lamasa clay. Hence the wind chime.It is a bit tedious process but the end result i believe is going to be good. To make this mobile first of all we need to make the clay & fr that we need to do the following


Mix cornflour + fevicol SH+little amount of glycerine & zinc oxide + lime juice.(Glycerine will give softness to the dough & zinc oxide makes it termite resistant).
After mix the above things properly. Cook it on the gas stove for a while till the mixture starts to thicken.
Keep this clay in an airtight container for an hour or so & let it rest.
Mix oil colors & you are ready to give new shapes/ forms to the clay.
(Note - Try to keep it in an air tight container as this clay dries off if kept in open for too long)

To make this wind chime first of all i hv made
Beads of different colors which i hv put it thru 8 no. knitting needle so that i hv a hole wide enough, to pass the thread thru. This we hv to do when the clay is still soft.
Similarly as u can see below i hv made few bells & huts also. You can make whatever u find easier.Depends entirely on ur creativity.

Since it is for my kids room i want to make it more jazzy for which i am thinking  of adding few animal charac ters. I will add further details in my next blog post. Till then be happy & hv a nice weekend !!!


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