Saturday, November 3, 2012

Crochet handy purse/pouch

Hi ........

How are you ??? I hope you all  are busy with your respective hobby projects. 

Here in Delhi, the sun has lost its sunshine, and is replaced by a foggy / dusty layer which is giving the city a gloomy look. Winter has started to seep in slowly especially the morning and evenings.I am still suffering from Puja hangover. Doing nothing and lazing around has become part of me.. There are so many things going on in my mind, but they are not taking a definite shape. So many incomplete projects are lying there but even after trying so hard I am not able to finish them. Yeah I know this is a very lame  excuse but honestly I feel my crafty indulgence have taken a backseat and I am happy doing nothing and cribbing about not being able to do so. 

This small crochet pouch which I had started long before Puja,  has been in the pipeline for quite some time now and after much ado I was able to complete it today.This is a handy pouch made for keeping makeup items like kajal, lipstick, etc or I can simply use it as a money purse. I have used silk threads for these -  pink and black. For the design pls click here

Even though I had clicked more pics of the same, but due to some computer problem I am not able to upload them properly. I have been trying fr an hour now, but due to my limited IT knowledge I have failed miserably. I will try reloading them tomorrow and update my post, till then you guys will have to do with one pic only. Extremely soooorrry for the same.

Thanks for visiting my page.......

Bye and good night !!!!



  1. Nice! I liked the stitch :) thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice and bright colour combination.

  3. The crocheted pouch looks so very beautiful and loved the colour combination too.

  4. Thanks vandana !!! I space is also very nice and informative.....

  5. Nice purse, liking the button and the colors combined ;) Anna from



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