Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Embroidery Work...

Hello !!!

I always refrain myself from doing needlework project simply because I find it very tedious & time consuming. Even though I did some embroidery work as a souvenir for my friends living abroad, but it is not my favourite subject. This year I have decided to brush up my embroidery skills & have started with this small cover.

My embroidery stash is quite limited so I am trying to manage with whatever colours I have :))

You can see I have used various shades of brown, my leaves are multicoloured green, blue, olive green...... You can see as I am going further the size of my flowers are becoming smaller (meaning I am getting impatient:-)) But I am persistent & hopefully would be able to complete this ..

Also made this wall hanging for my son's school project from waste CDs. 

I covered the CD with jute thread & painted it yellow as it is their class theme. After that I attached mirrors in the centre & stones in the corner and finally finished it by attaching off white satin ribbon.

Do let me know how these look ????

Till next time have a creative week :))


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hello 2017 !!!

Hello & A  Very Happy New Year to all my blogger friends!!:)

I hope this New Year brings in Happiness & Good Health for all.:))

2016 didn't end on a good note for me, as there was another death in my family:(. And I was not able to concentrate much on my wips.

I have just completed my fabric paintings on cushion cover which I started in Nov'16 . For details plz visit (

I also tried liquid embroidery to add a bit of variety. This pattern is internet inspired & still needs drying.

This is again liquid embroidery in geometrical pattern with decorative stones.

I also completed my Madhubani painting of Goddess Lakshmi Ji . I added few warli figures in the corner to give a fusion effect.

Doodling is my new passion these days. So whenever I have some time I try to practise the same. These are few samplers that I have tried :)


What do you think ???????  Do get back with your feedback.

Till next time T.A.T.A & take care :))



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