Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Fusion Art

Hi !!!

Thanks for visiting and appreciating my previous blog post.

I simply love madhubani painting & even though I have been planning to learn new art forms ... I end up doing a madhubani motif / sketch :))

This time I have tried to create fusion between madhubani & doodling.

This painting is on A3 size cartridge sheet. This is a freehand sketching & I have used marker, acrylics & water colour pencils. 

My husband loved it very much & has given me an idea of making two more but with different central motif so that we have a set of three... But right now I just want to switch over to my crochet projects. This time I might surprise myself & complete my table cover .....

Till next time happy crafting !!!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bottle Makeover

Hi !!!

Thanks a lot for your feedback on my last post.

I am back with another bottle art  project. For this I have used 0"size brush & acrylic colours. This is the front side....

Back side....

Let me know how it looks....

There are lot of things going on in my mind. Have to complete few crochet projects which have been lying unattended for long.I also want to learn new art forms like dot painting, gond style painting....... List is endless..... but don't know when will I get the time to make a head start in this direction :)) I think I need to take the "Time Management" thing more seriously... maybe then I would be able to manage my never ending projects more efficiently..

Till next time happy crafting :)


Monday, February 27, 2017

Crochet Mats

Hello friends !!!

Hope you all are doing good :)

I am happy to share these crochet mats / rugs  which I have made for my new home. Its been six months  since we have shifted to our new house & finally I got around to finish these door mats..:)

For this project I have used Ganga Bulky Yarn which I got from Pradhan Embroidery 

I still have to make another big size rug for my drawing room. Let's see when I can get started on the same.

Do write to me as to how these mats look ..

Till next time ...happy crocheting !!:)


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Crochet Doily

Hi !!!

Just finished this lovely Rose Doily which I found in Pinterest. Approx size 16" in Dia.

You can find the pattern HERE

It was my husband's birthday yesterday, so I baked this healthy wheat cake with dates for him :) 
Glad he liked it very much :))

If you want to try out this easy recipe you can find it HERE

Thanks for dropping by :)

Have a nice day !!:))


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Madhubani Painting & loads of sweets :-)

Hi !!!

My madhubani painting is finally finished .

Recently I joined a Baking Group in FB and I came across many healthy recipes of  cakes & muffins. So inspired by the same I tried few of them & luckily they came out well.

These are banana oats muffins with choco chips....😀

These are wheat chocolate brownies with walnuts 😀

These are Bajra Laddoos made with jaggery & lots of dry fruits . Truly a winter special treat. My kids are having a great time relishing these dessert..... What is your winter special desert ????

Have also started another needlework project. I will be posting the pics for the same in my next blog post.

Till then have a great week ahead.....


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy Basant Panchami !!!


A very Happy Basant Panchami to all of you. 

Today we worship Goddess Saraswati (goddess of knowledge, music, art & learning). Seated on white Lotus she symbolises light, knowledge & truth. Holding Veena(musical instrument) in her hand Goddess Saraswati reinforces the importance of music & rhythm in life. Her bahon (vehicle) is white swan which portrays purity and perfection and her ability to distinguish between good and evil.

Coming on to my WIPs I have just completed my needlework project.

Even though some of my stitches have not come out so clean but for the time being I am happy with the fact that I have finally finished the same. Here I have used long & short stitch, chain stitch, fishbone stitch & french knots. I have also added crochet pompom edging to the same.. courtesy Pinterest.

I am also working on this madhubani painting. Outlining is finished & now it needs colour. Hopefully I will share the complete  painting in my next blogpost.

Do let me know how it looks ??????? 

Take care and have a great week ahead :))


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Embroidery Work...

Hello !!!

I always refrain myself from doing needlework project simply because I find it very tedious & time consuming. Even though I did some embroidery work as a souvenir for my friends living abroad, but it is not my favourite subject. This year I have decided to brush up my embroidery skills & have started with this small cover.

My embroidery stash is quite limited so I am trying to manage with whatever colours I have :))

You can see I have used various shades of brown, my leaves are multicoloured green, blue, olive green...... You can see as I am going further the size of my flowers are becoming smaller (meaning I am getting impatient:-)) But I am persistent & hopefully would be able to complete this ..

Also made this wall hanging for my son's school project from waste CDs. 

I covered the CD with jute thread & painted it yellow as it is their class theme. After that I attached mirrors in the centre & stones in the corner and finally finished it by attaching off white satin ribbon.

Do let me know how these look ????

Till next time have a creative week :))


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hello 2017 !!!

Hello & A  Very Happy New Year to all my blogger friends!!:)

I hope this New Year brings in Happiness & Good Health for all.:))

2016 didn't end on a good note for me, as there was another death in my family:(. And I was not able to concentrate much on my wips.

I have just completed my fabric paintings on cushion cover which I started in Nov'16 . For details plz visit ( http://luvforcrafts.blogspot.in/2016/11/fabric-painting.html).

I also tried liquid embroidery to add a bit of variety. This pattern is internet inspired & still needs drying.

This is again liquid embroidery in geometrical pattern with decorative stones.

I also completed my Madhubani painting of Goddess Lakshmi Ji . I added few warli figures in the corner to give a fusion effect.

Doodling is my new passion these days. So whenever I have some time I try to practise the same. These are few samplers that I have tried :)


What do you think ???????  Do get back with your feedback.

Till next time T.A.T.A & take care :))



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