Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Fusion Art

Hi !!!

Thanks for visiting and appreciating my previous blog post.

I simply love madhubani painting & even though I have been planning to learn new art forms ... I end up doing a madhubani motif / sketch :))

This time I have tried to create fusion between madhubani & doodling.

This painting is on A3 size cartridge sheet. This is a freehand sketching & I have used marker, acrylics & water colour pencils. 

My husband loved it very much & has given me an idea of making two more but with different central motif so that we have a set of three... But right now I just want to switch over to my crochet projects. This time I might surprise myself & complete my table cover .....

Till next time happy crafting !!!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bottle Makeover

Hi !!!

Thanks a lot for your feedback on my last post.

I am back with another bottle art  project. For this I have used 0"size brush & acrylic colours. This is the front side....

Back side....

Let me know how it looks....

There are lot of things going on in my mind. Have to complete few crochet projects which have been lying unattended for long.I also want to learn new art forms like dot painting, gond style painting....... List is endless..... but don't know when will I get the time to make a head start in this direction :)) I think I need to take the "Time Management" thing more seriously... maybe then I would be able to manage my never ending projects more efficiently..

Till next time happy crafting :)



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