Thursday, July 12, 2012

Good to be back !!!!!!!

Hi !!!!!

 I am back after a short break and it feels really great. I have been planning to get away from crafts, blogging etc as it was getting quite monotonous for me. So to recharge myself I had to switch off my creative mind for a while. I don't know about you but I have to follow this regime once a while.

I have spent these days lazying around, entertaining guests and cooking and cooking. Actually cooking is the best therapy to de-stress yourself. I got lot of new cook books, watched videos on youtube and cooked new dishes for my kids. Both of them are just loving it. But I can't say the same for my husband because  the grocery bills have just gone up this month!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's  see what I have got for you guys. I have been planning to give ribbon embroidery a try for a while now but didn't had the supplies for the same. A friend of mine had been kind enough to get me the supplies from Old Delhi and this is what I made.

For this project I have used white cotton matte fabric.I have tried to use as many colors as I possibly could. Ribbon size used are 12 mm and 1/4". Primary Stitches used are :-

1.   Spiderweb roses
2.   French Knot
3.   Leaf Stitch
4.   For the border I have used  Buttonhole stitch

Have used beads at the center of flowers.

 This is a gift for my friend Theresa and I hope she likes it.

Thanks for visiting !!!



  1. Hi Divya !!!!

    Thanks & welcome to my apace. Your blog is also very inspiring and I hope to learn cooking innovative dishes from you.

    Warm regards


  2. wow!!! beautiful...your friend is very lucky to get this gift...

  3. Wow!!...Lovely. This must have taken a really long time.



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