Friday, July 27, 2012

Crochet Books

 Hi !!!!

Today I am going to share with you some of my book collections on crochet.

This is a very good book for the beginners. Written by Jane Davis this book is must have for all those who want to learn crochet. It showcases all forms of crochet and teaches you to crochet from the very basic chain stitch to advanced stitches. It also has some lovely patterns of bags, shawls  etc in it. 

This book is by Nicky Espten and it is very special to me. My son gifted this book to me last year on my B'day. If you are a flower lover then this book is for you as it contains various patterns of flowers. For me it is a beautiful book.


I picked up this book from Trade Fair on sale.Written by Carol Alexander, its again a beautiful book with colorful and easy patterns of afghans. You can use these patterns for other projects also like tablecloth, cushion covers etc. Good collection for Afghan lovers!!!!

This book is very old and the designs and the graphs therein are very clear. Unfortunately this is not mine. My friend's mother has been too kind to rent it to me for a while, so that I can copy few designs of my choice. I am putting up this photo for my Blogger friend Sangeetha of  crochetkari who wanted to see how the book looks.  

I hope these books might give you some ideas on starting a new project.

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  1. Hi Mousumi, Thanks for putting up a pic of the book. The book seems really "gorgeous". How sad you will have to give it back :(
    All the books are lovely and do share the next project you make.

    1. Hi Sangeetha !!!

      U r always welcome !!!!


  2. the book is really very nice.I am following your blog. I would be happy to see you following mine.

  3. Hi Seyyah !!!!

    Welcome to my space. Will visit ur blog for sure!!!!





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