Sunday, August 21, 2011

M-seal face mask

Lately i hv been concentrating on M-seal art. Next in the series are these woman /man wall masks.


1. I already had an old broken mask which i used to get the base for my mask. Tightly wrap  a polythene around the old mask and cover it with m-seal  clay.
2. Let it dry for a while. After that take it out frm the polythene. Now you have got the basic structure of face mask.
3. Then i made a long snake of m-seal & attached it from the top of the mask  till  the center. Then i painted the base & nose.
4. I also painted eyes, lips, mustache, hair accordingly using fevicryl acrylic colors.
5. For the stand on which the masks are hanging, hv used a simple ply, got it cut according to the design u see in the picture. This is entirely optional.
6. Hv decorated the ply with flowers & leaves made of leftover ceramic dough. This again depends on ur choice. U can also use m-seal for the same.
7. Lastly hv colored them with acrylic colors.

I hope this will give u some innovative ideas that u can try out with m-seal.

Thanks for hopping on my blog !!!!!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

For my beloved friend Sylvia

Hv made this card in parchment for my best friend whom i lost recently.Its been quite shocking to hear the news of your sudden demise.Now i won't be able to see ur smiling face nor i will hear u saying "hello madam ji" on phone.You were such a wonderful person, always smiling and laughing & so full of life. I think god needed u more than us that is why he called u to be with him. Thank u soooooooooo much for being my friend, even though it was for a short while. You will be my best friend forever and i will cherish each & every moment that we spent together,  all my life. May god give ur family & kids, the strength to overcome your loss.

May your soul RIP  and you are happy wherever you are. Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Day after tomorrow i.e on the 13th ,  it is Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi as we call it . I  hv made these rakhis for my brother. Both are in parchment craft. These r for my brother whom i luv and respect very much and i do hope he likes my handmade rakhi. I want to thank u babu,  for being there for me and i feel very proud to be ur sister. I wish u happiness, success and good health at all times.

Would  also like to extend my best wishes to those, who r visiting my blog.

Thank u once again & "Happy Raksha Bandhan" in advance.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friendship Day

Hv made this parchment card to celebrate friendship day. This card is for all my friends who stood by me thru thick & thin and who hv been supportive of me at all times irrespective of the fact whether i was right or wrong. Today i also miss my school/college friends with whom i had shared a major portion of my life and with whom i hv lost touch. Hopefully, i will find them soon and will try to recreate the lost magic. That would be truely nostalgic.

Once again 'HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY" to every body .

Thanx for taking out time from ur busy schedules and visiting my blog !!!


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