Friday, April 13, 2012

Decorative Pot

Hi !!!

I had this earthen pot at home, which I have recycled.

I have used black color as the base, on which I did a free hand sketch with white metallic glass liner. Before starting I didn't know what kind of design I wanted on the pot. So I roughly started with the usual flower, leaves thing and gradually I was able to fill the empty spaces of my imagination. As you go thru the above pics you will see that there is actually no symmetry in the entire design. There are flowers, there are leaves, then I have also added peacock, fish and so on.

Fevicryl acrylic colors have been used for the coloring portion. To add more glamour I have dashed it with golden color and have  also added colored stones and beads.

Hope the pictures are okay and you are able to get the view of pot from all sides.

Till  then take care and thanks once again for visiting !!!!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Crochet Lace / Edging

Hi !!!!

After much deliberations I was able to finish off this wide lace in filet crochet.

In my last to last  blog post,I had shared  a crochet lace with you guys which I had made for the neckline of my kurta. In continuation to that, I have made a wide filet crochet lace for the arms of my kurta.

I picked up this lovely lacy design from Dover Needlework Series.I used 1mm crochet hook to make this design. You can follow this graph to make this design and can attach it to your linens, table cloths etc.

Hope you guys are having a lovely Sunday with your family.

Bye & Happy Crocheting !!!!!


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