Friday, October 16, 2015

Welcoming Maa Durga

Hi !!!!

Its festival time once again :) Time to celebrate, enjoy and welcome Maa !!! 

I love this part of the year very much.... doing nothing and just lazying around :). My crafty instincts have also deserted me :)  and my mind is full of plans as to how I would be spending these 4 days. 

But I haven't stopped painting and still try to use my painting brush as often as I can. ... These are my art works which I have completed so far.....

Madhubani elephants

Goddess Durga in madhubani art form using pencil colours ... I had to make this otherwise puja would have been incomplete..

Landscape in watercolors

Landscape using dry pastels

Do drop in & leave your comments on the above....

Till next time have a nice weekend and Happy Dusshera !!!:)


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