Friday, August 21, 2015

My sketch book - Pencil Shading

Hi !!! :)

Sketching has slowly & steadily become a part of my every day routine. It is extremely satisfying to know that finally I am able to sketch with more confidence and clarity. Still... I have a long way to go before I reach a point where I can draw like a pro. :)

Today I am going to share a still life sketch, from my sketch book. This is in pencil shading medium. Let me know how it looks...

Also there are few WIPs  which I would like to share with you. This is a thread doily which I found in Pinterest. Usually, I like to follow written pattern, as it is easier for me to understand, but this pattern is in diagram form..... something that is cumbersome for me to decipher:) Maybe that is why I have been sitting on this project for toooo long.... Hopefully, I would be able to finish it off soon.

The second one is from my sketch book. Again a still life. Originally, in pencil shading, I am trying to do this differently,  in coloured pencil shading to make it more lively.

Will get back to you with complete picture. 

Till next time take care and have a creative week ahead!!!:)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pot Makeover (DIY)

Hello friends !!!:)

This is yet another old pot that was lying at my home and I have re-decorated it to give it a  new look.It is almost 7-8 years old  and as you can see it was in a pretty bad shape. I had given a ceramic clay base on this earthen pot to give it a textured, uneven look and had then painted it and glued some mirrors on it. It did look beautiful...... but at that time didn't think of taking any pics of the same. 

 I started with painting the entire pot blue. Since I couldn't do anything about the ceramic base... I had to leave it as it is.

Next, I added flowers and leaves made from shilpkar / m-seal and painted it with acrylic colours..... Lastly,  I gave a wash of clear varnish  and 

This is how it looks now :)  I am happy with the outcome , but what do you think ?? Let me know ......

Would also like to wish everybody a very Happy Independence Day !!!!:) 

Jai Hind !!!!

Friday, August 7, 2015

My Sketch book - Coloured Pencil Drawing

Hello !!!! :)

Hope all of you are doing well and are in the best of health. Its monsoon time in my city and I must say I am enjoying it very much.

I have a feeling that maybe art bug has finally got into me as I have been sketching regularly and my blog posts also confirms the same. Can't say I am happy about it, but....... still I feel my crafty projects are lagging behind.  Does this happens with you too ????? Do you also feel the same thing??? ....... 

Today I am sharing with you this coloured pencil drawing which I got from Ravi Paranjpe's book. He is a famous artist and this book is a compilation of his selected works in oil pastels & pencil colours.

Please share your views on the above. I would like to hear from you.

Till next time take care & have a nice week ahead :)


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