Friday, November 18, 2016

Fabric Painting

Hi !!!!

A lot has been happening since I did my last blog post. Even though I have been posting regular updates on my fb page & Instagram, blogging seems to have lagged behind.

I did explore fabric painting, but the outcome unfortunately was not very satisfying. This is how it looks.As you can see the painting doesn't have a smooth finish.

This is because the cushion cover cloth is not purely cotton but a mix of silk & cotton  & when I started to paint,  the cloth absorbed the paint , consequently  I had to put 2-3 coats.  This made the whole process quite tedious and frustrating. Wrong assessment on my part :) I should have done a little test trial,but now I can't undo it, & I have to paint the remaining four covers... Will update you in my next blog post.

These are few watercolour sketches which I practised (courtesy youtube). Hope you will like them 

 Currently I am working on this Madhubani drawing of Goddess Lakshmi.......

Till next time enjoy & have a crafty weekend:))



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