Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Crochet Purse

Hi Ladies !!

Hope you guys are enjoying your Sunday. Well for me, weekend is the time which I dread most. Even though I luv the fact the kids and hubby dear are at home, but the fact that I have to toil for hours preparing lavish breakfast,lunch dinner + kids homework +forcing them to go outside and play instead of spending uncountable hours on TV/Video Games etc makes it a very tedious and boring for me. In fact I have literally hauled off my son from  the computer chair to do this blog post. Durga puja is also around the corner, and I am planning a complete makeover for my home. A far fetched dream, but lets see how it goes. Wish me luck for that.

Today is 2nd Oct, Gandhi Jayanti and i hope world becomes a more better and peaceful place to live. So cheers to peace and non-violence.

Here are the few pics of my WIP - a  crochet purse. I am using silk yarns of pink and black color and 7 no crochet hook for this project. I picked up this design from http://marumin64.blogspot.in/

Well my computer time is over as my son is getting impatient now as he needs the computer to continue with his game.

Well do write to me




  1. Hi Moushmi... I just found u from Preeti's blog... Btw I love to see all ur crafts work.. keep it up. :)

  2. Hi Aiza !!!!!

    Thanks a lot!!!



  3. Hi!!!
    Taking a look around your blog!!!
    The stitch turned out very nicely!!! Thanks for linking to my blog.




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