Thursday, October 11, 2012

Embroidery work on Cushion Covers

Hi friends !!!

This is in continuation to my previous blog post whereby I had shared few pics of embroidery work on cushion covers. I have done four more covers. So now my set of six covers is complete.. I have tried different designs on all of them trying to incorporate as many stitches as I could like satin,chain,long & short, outline stitch etc.

The designs that you can see below are the same that I shared with you previously. Unfortunately, the picture seems blurred.  In case you have not seen them, you can visit my previous blog post to have a clearer view of the same.

Thanks for visiting my space. Will be back with some more craft projects.

Till then keep smiling.




  1. All of them are very nice! For me, I can try the 3rd and 4th one. Others will take time to learn :)

  2. Thanks preeti !!! i liked ur crochet sling bag very much. I would like to try that one very soon, maybe when durga puga is over.



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