Saturday, June 13, 2015

My Sketch Book - Madhubani Painting

Hello !!!!

Sketching is something which has always taken a backseat in my schedule. Even though I know that I need to sketch everyday,  to make it better,   somehow all my effort turns futile. But the thought has always been there in the back of my mind. So,in the past few weeks I have tried to include it in my daily regime. Initially, it was a bit difficult, but with time it has become a part of my mundane routine & hopefully it will continue :).

Madhubani Painting has always been one of my favourite art forms.This traditional art form of Mithila - Bihar has always attracted me because of its simple designs, bright colors & versatile usage.

In my earlier blog posts I have shared with you few madhubani designs /motifs & today I am sharing a simple painting of Shiv - Parvathy. I got this design from

I have used black thin marker for the outlines & acrylic colors for the same. Hopefully you will like it & revert with your comments.

Till next time take care & happy crafting :)


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