Saturday, March 29, 2014


Hello ladies !!!!

March is coming to end and I am finally back with my first blog post for the year 2014. It was supposed to be a short break but somehow due to unforeseen circumstances it stretched  to nearly three months.

Anyhow I am happy to be back :)  and share with you some of my crochet projects which I have managed to complete recently.

This is an off white colored doily. I have used regular sized crochet thread and steel crochet hook no. 7. Its  8.5" in dia. and I got the design from here.

The second doily is bigger in size. I have used black,red,green and off white for this and the steel crochet hook size is same.

The approx. size is 15" in diameter and for the design  pls click here.

Hope you like it. Do leave your comments on the same.

Thanks for visiting and once again have a great weekend.



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