Friday, June 7, 2013


Hello everyone !!!

June has started and my kids summer vacation is nearing to an end. Now the pressure is on to complete their holiday projects. My elder son Moksh,  is doing it on his own, but my younger son Shlok is depending entirely on me for the same. He has told me very categorically that he is very young to do this home work alone and that he needs my help to complete it. But in his case the word help has got a slight variation to it. It means I do all the research work and he will just copy it down.Consequently, now instead of completing my WIPs which I assure is adding up day by day I am reading about birds,their habitat, food,features,breeding season, etc,etc,etc. on web.

But I was adamant to do  a quick blog post this week, so I decided to do some sketching. This is a landscape that I did using oil pastels. Even though I have not taken any formal training in sketching, but I did take up a week crash course to learn the usage of various mediums like oil colors, acrylic,oil pastels etc.

So you see I am not a perfectionist and if there are any short comings in this do forgive me.

I would again like to thank you guys for dropping in with your comments which  encourages me to keep on going. 

See you next time hopefully with another completed wip .

Take care and have a nice weekend.




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