Friday, June 22, 2012

Peepal Leaf Painting

Hi !!!!

Today I am going to share with you Peepal Leaf Painting which I tried recently. Actually my son has got this project for his holiday homework, which obviously I had to do. Peepal leaf painting is not a very common form of painting, consequently the info. on the same on net is quite limited. However, with the info. available and with the help of few crafter friends in IL, I have managed to complete my painting.

Since, this is originally a kid's project, I have painted a colorful butterfly (they are my weakness.....) and to cover the empty space above I have painted flowers. I won't say its great, but I will grade it good.

Materials required :
1. Peepal leaf/leaves
2. Oil colors
3. Brush to paint.

Firstly, you need to soak the peepal leaves in water for about 15-20 days till its green color wears off, and you have a beautiful off white color leaf, with all its veins visible. You also need to change the water  once a while and try to clean the leaf. Be very careful as the leaf becomes very fragile after being soaked in water for so many days.

Once the leaf has dried properly, you can start your painting. Choose a design of you choice and use oil colors mixed with linseed oil to paint the leaf. Always keep a paper underneath you leaf. so that you don't have a dirty work area. 

The paint will take a day to dry. then you can attach this leaf, preferably on a dark colored sheet so that the colors on the leaf get enhanced. You can also make greeting cards out of it or you can just paint them and store them in your scrapfile  for the artist's satisfaction within you.

Hopefully the process is clear to you and in case you need more information/details you can find here.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012


Hi friends !!!!!!

Good Morning !!!!!! Hope you  r enjoying the summer heat with a steaming cup of tea/coffee.

Well today I am going to share with you a very simple crochet doily. I picked up this design from a very old crochet design book, which my friend's mother very kindly gave to me from her library. I have used 7 no crochet steel hook and cotton thread in white and red colors.

This book called "GORGEOUS LACES for Interior Decoration" is a must have for your crochet book collection. It has beautiful patterns for doilies, center pieces, curtains, cushion covers etc.

Will try to share few more patterns from this book in my future blog posts.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My second award !!!!!!

Hi friends !!!

I am very fortunate to get my second award,  the Liebster Award from Sangeetha,

Thank u once again and I would like to pass on this award to :

1 Anu from is a versatile blogger showcasing various art forms like crochet, card making, thali decoration, etc.A member of craftziner, she definitely is a very creative person.

2.Arul  who is also a member of CZ,  her crochet work is excellent. Visit to see her work.

3. Priya, her creativity with paper is too good to miss. To see her work you can check out this link

4. Crystal of

5. Swathi, very much into art, crafts and designs. Check out her space

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Clay Painting - Contd........

Hi !!!!!

Finally, I have just managed to complete my clay painting.

This is how it looks......

I am feeling quite satisfied with the final picture as it stands. In case you feel some changes are required in this kindly do so and revert.Waiting for your fb's/comments on the same.

Will get back to with the complete thing, you know framed and packed.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great Sunday!!!!!

Bye & take care

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Clay Painting

Hi !!!!!!!

Its been few days since I have returned from Hyderabad and I tell you the summer heat was too much to handle. Still we managed to explore the city and had a wonderful break. I also managed to finish Rabindranath Tagore's "Chokher Bali" (translated in English) which I bought from the book fair last year. Its been lying in my book shelf toooooooo long and I had to finish it. The book was amazing, if only I could read  Bangla I would have read the original piece.I hope someday I am able to read and write Bangla language.

After coming back, the days have flown by and I have not been able to finish my new project.  This is again a clay painting. This time I have tried it on glass and I really hope it comes out well.

This is the picture of Bal Gopal. The clay needs to dry out completely, coz only after that I can paint it. Apart from that few touch ups are left which needs to be taken care of. And once  it has colors on it my Kanha would be more visible and beautiful. Fingers crossed.

Will keep you posted on the same.

Bye for now !!!


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