Thursday, December 10, 2015

This & that .........

Hi !! 

Winter is dawning gradually and it feels good to just laze around with a hot cup of coffee doing nothing :). And thats exactly what I have been doing. Lots of WIPs ........  in the pipeline :) The only good thing is that I have managed to finish off this shawl. I also made a matching cap to go with it. Its a very simple & easy shawl made using  no. 5 tulip hook.  This was a gift for a 3 yr old baby girl. 

Now coming to the WIPs ........ I have started another crochet triangular shawl 

the design is net inspired and its for one of my dear friend. 

I have been always attracted to bottle art and creatively I feel very satisfied when I am able to give a new look to an used bottle. I have been holding on to this wine bottle for quite some time and finally took out time to get started. Right now it looks like this... pls ignore the mess in the background :(

I also need to complete few of my madhubani paintings, Will share with you once I have finished them. 

Recently I have also started learning canvas painting & this is my first sketch... hibiscus flowers. How does it looks ?????

Thanks for dropping by :) Do leave your comments on the above and till next time enjoy.... :)


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