Sunday, August 21, 2011

M-seal face mask

Lately i hv been concentrating on M-seal art. Next in the series are these woman /man wall masks.


1. I already had an old broken mask which i used to get the base for my mask. Tightly wrap  a polythene around the old mask and cover it with m-seal  clay.
2. Let it dry for a while. After that take it out frm the polythene. Now you have got the basic structure of face mask.
3. Then i made a long snake of m-seal & attached it from the top of the mask  till  the center. Then i painted the base & nose.
4. I also painted eyes, lips, mustache, hair accordingly using fevicryl acrylic colors.
5. For the stand on which the masks are hanging, hv used a simple ply, got it cut according to the design u see in the picture. This is entirely optional.
6. Hv decorated the ply with flowers & leaves made of leftover ceramic dough. This again depends on ur choice. U can also use m-seal for the same.
7. Lastly hv colored them with acrylic colors.

I hope this will give u some innovative ideas that u can try out with m-seal.

Thanks for hopping on my blog !!!!!!!!



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