Sunday, November 26, 2017

Phad Painting - My new found love


In my endeavour to try something new I have been experimenting with traditional Rajasthani Painting - Phad painting.

Phad Painting is a religious style scroll painting practised in Rajasthan. This kind of painting is done on a long piece of cloth or canvas known as phad. The narratives of the folk deities of Rajasthan especially Pabuji & Devnarayan are depicted on these phad. Scale of the figures depend on the social status of the character in the story. Also in this kind of painting the characters face each other. 

The cloth / phad is starched with rice water or flour and then it is rubbed with moonstone to impart stiffness to the same. After the rough sketch is drawn the artist fill it with colour moving from light colour to darker shade. Orange is used for body parts, for ornaments and general design on the clothing yellow colour is used, green for vegetation, brown for monuments, blue for water & red for clothing. Finally it is outlined with black colour that brings out the beauty & intricacies of the characters in the painting.

I have made these paintings on 10" x 12" sized canvas using acrylic colours First one is of Lord Ganesha & the second one is of Radha-Krishna. All these drawings are net inspired & am happy with the way it has come together.

I have tried to stay true to this traditional art as much as possible & I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. In case you have any suggestion on the same do let me know.

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Planning to explore Gond painting this week. Hopefully will be back soon with my new creation. 

Till then by & take care !!!:)


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  1. wow...that was indeed a lot of information. even though our land is full of art and culture, everything is not know to everyone. i m hearing Phad painting for first time... even though madhubani, tandoor etc are familiar sounded...your painting looks lovely...and thank you for sharing about it.



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