Monday, July 13, 2015

My Sketch book

Hello !!!!

Monsoon has finally arrived in the Capital and the temp. has dipped dramatically... Good time to take out my sketch book & practice... 

This is a village girl carrying water - Madhubani style. This is first time I have tried to create some thing like this on my own and I am happy with the outcome.:)

This is another sketch of a colony lane. I got this from a book, & have given it a monochrome look. I have given a base of water colour and then highlighted the same with pencil colours using different shades of brown.  I hope I have got the perspective right.

Do drop by & let me know how it looks :)

Till next time bye and have a nice week :)


  1. Both paintings look lovely. Of course if I had to choose I`d go for the Madhubani, for I love traditional art in any form and love bright colors, but the monochrome painting has it`s own unique beauty too. Indeed a difficult choice to make for both are outstanding!!!

  2. Thanks :) Even I like Madhubani painting more :)

  3. Lovely paintings!! I haven't painted anything for years.

    1. Thanks Preeti:) Hopefully, u will paint soon.... & share it with us.:)

  4. Both looks so lovely.. you've got the perspective of the second pic so right.. i would suck at drawing something like that. Good job :)

  5. Such a very beautiful sketches. You do have a great talent.

  6. Lovely paintings... 3D perspective of 2nd image is excellent..

  7. Love the madhubani painting. .too good!



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