Monday, September 26, 2011

Stocking/Nylon Flower Making

Hi !!!

Today i am going to share with u the steps to make stocking flowers.Stockings/Nylon flowers, as they call it is not only very easy to make but also another durable mode of filling up ur empty vases with beautiful blooms both seasonal & non-seasonal !

Material required
Stockings (color of ur choice),flower making wire, thick wire for stem, thread,green tape used for flower making

Make rings out of flower making wire. Size - small, medium&large.

Hv used candle molds to make the rings.These will be ur petals. U can use any empty can or containers to do the same.
Tie stockings on the ring with the help of thread.This part is a bit tricky, as u can't afford to hv rings having loosely tied stockings.
After ur rings / petals are ready, u need to make the center of the flower. For this step, u need to take a thick stem wire, and bend it a bit from one end.Tie a cotton ball on this end & cover it with nylon of same color as the flower is or any contrast color.

One can also use ready made pips available in any craft shop.
After this, arrange & tie the petals around the centre in ascending order i.e from smaller to bigger petals
Now u can start giving shape to the petals. For rose, u can bend the wire frm middle, oval, elongated for sunflower etc/
Finally, to give a finishing look, u need to cover it with green tape. U can also make leaves, following the same  steps. Ur flower r ready.

Hope this tutorial comes in handy to get u started in making nylon flowers.

Thank u for visiting!!!!

Have a nice day !!!!


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