Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finished Poncho and some WIP's

Hi !!!!

With my kids school holidays being extended for 1 more week I have been quite busy. That does not mean I was not working on my craft projects. Its just that I was not getting enough time to do my blog post.All this time I have been missing, I completed my crochet poncho. Here are some pics of the same. As you can see I have added strings thru the collar to tighten it accordingly and have added tassels around the same. 

For the detailed tutorial on the above poncho click on this video

Lately my focus has shifted on embroidery, the outcome of which are these 2 projects which I am currently working on. The first one is a peacock. The fabric that I am using is black matte and I have used silk crochet yarn to embroider the peacock. For the outline I have used white & orange yarns. For the feathers I have used green yarn, but I am thinking of replacing it with blue. For the body I am thinking of using blue yarn for the filling. Or maybe a mixture of red, green and orange would look good............ I don't know this has actually become a confused project for me, as I am getting messed up with all the colors I have. So, I have kept it aside for a while to rethink the color combinations.

This is a new stitch that I have learned recently,  in hand embroidery  from the stitch fun section of Its called Griffin stitch - lattice filling. This stitch is best suited for even weave fabric, but here I have used plain cotton fabric.

Do leave  your feedback on these WIP's. I look forward to your suggestions/feedback.

Thanks for visiting !!!!!!!



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