Monday, April 22, 2013

Papermache Painting

Hi !!!!!

I just hope that all my blogger friends and readers have not forgotten me as I have been out of picture for quite some time now.After coming back from the last rites ceremony I got busy with my kids re- admission for the new session. New books, uniforms, bags ............... the list goes on. Then when I finally, thought O.K now I can relax and do net surfing//blogging ,  wow, just then my son informed me that there is a system failure due to some virus and that I cannot use it until it gets repaired fully . 

Very disappointing, but couldn't help it so I took this time off to learn a new art form. Clay work has   always fascinated me, so I decided to learn the art of papermache clay making. This is a very simple cheap form for clay making whereby you recycle old newspapers and create beautiful artifacts.This is the painting that I learnt. This is basically a poster which I got fixed on the board. then I used the paper mache clay to give it a 3-d effect. The white portion that you can see in the pic below is all clay work.

This is how it looks after painting and decoration.

Today, is our 17th Marriage Anniversary, so I decided to to gift it to my husband. He knew I was going for some classes but had no idea that I had planned to gift him this painting, Thankfully he loved it very much and all my hard work for 10-15 days finally paid off.

And look what he gave me on my anniv.............................

a beautiful gold Ganesha pendent. Its very cute and sweet, but you know what this was not on my wish list. For some time now I have been after him to buy me a light weight sewing machine, and I had found my answer in Usha Janome. But then he said no, he will buy me something better than this, a better machine with more options. But finally, till now no machine has arrived so I think this is my final gift. Its not that I don't like the pendant, but its just that machine would have made my day complete fulfilling.

Still I have full faith in him, he will get it for me either today or tomorrow or maybe day after...............

Till then enjoy and have a nice time!!!!!

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  1. Happy anniversary to both of you!:)
    Your painting looks nice! I even liked the one without color.

  2. Happy Anniversary my dear !your painting is very nice ,may all your wishes come true!

  3. Happy Anniversary to both of you. Loved the papier mache work. It looks good even before the decoration and painting. Hope you get your sewing machine soon. My hubby always laughs that I don't know where my gold ornaments are kept but I scream if anyone touches my yarn, sewing machine and paint brushes etc. Well, they are our real treasures, right?

    1. Hi Sangeetha !!!

      Thanks for best wishes and loving my new piece of art. And very true, I am not so fond of jewellery, but I do treasure all my craft items.


  4. Your papiermaché painting is gorgeous ! Really !!!
    Congrats for your anniversary !
    Have a nice day !

  5. How creative and artistic. Hope you get the sewing machine soon. Like you, I too have no interest in gold !

  6. Thanks radha !! I am also hoping............. still

  7. Hey, I absolutely love your painting mache, I am an artist too wanting to make my work 3D I'll appreciate it if you can suggest any videos or training to paint like yours I'll be really grateful

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