Monday, September 28, 2015

My sketch book

Hi !!!!

A very big thanks to all of you for your lovely comments on my last post  :)

Today in my sketch book section ,I am going to share another painting which I have done with dry pastels. 

This is the first time I am working with this medium. I am finding this very interesting because in this case you need to spread the colour by smudging it with your fingers. This medium has its own beauty. Its very soft and provides a a kind of rough, unrefined and artistic look to the sketch.  I have done the detailing work with charcoal pencil.

Yesterday, was my elder son's 16th birthday and the reason I am sharing this news with you is this beautiful card ........

which was made my younger son. He is not into art & craft so much, but he wanted to gift his brother  something special, so he made this beautiful quilled card.I just helped him with the arrangement of flowers.        Doesn't it looks nice ????? 

Do drop in with your comments and till next time keep smiling !!!:)



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