Sunday, February 28, 2016

Paper-mache creativity

Hi !!!!

Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend:))

In may last blog post I told you about my paper mache project.

And this is what I have created. I have used egg trays to make paper mache clay and have made these coasters. My first lot didn't come out so well, but my second attempt was successful. I have painted madhubani motifs on it and have used acrylics colours .

In case you want to try this out you can follow this well described DIY HERE. :-) 

What do you think ?????????

I am still working on my crochet shawl and this is how far I have reached......... Hopefully I would be able to complete it soon.... until of course I get distracted with some other project in between  :-))

Do drop in with your comment :)

Till next time keep smiling and have a creative week.......:)


  1. Lovely papier maché and shawl !!!!!
    Have a nice week !

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Anna !!!:) Have a nice day !!!:))

  2. Beautiful paper mache work!! Your shawl project is going great!!

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  4. A collage of such mache' work would look so lovely Mousumi.
    The shawl is coming out niced. Looking forward to a complete pic of the same

  5. The papaer mache coasters looks so gorgeous! what a lovely idea:) Beautiful crochet shawl!



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