Saturday, April 16, 2016

My sketch book - Madhubani Painting

Hi !!!!

After a long long time I painted most commonly used motif in madhubani - peacock.... the most graceful and beautiful bird.. This time I have tried fusion of two art forms  ie, madhubani with warli art. Even though I am not an expert in warli art but still I have used few simple borders/designs and incorporated them in the painting. Since these are all traditional art forms I hope that I haven't disrespected either of the art forms and have managed to place them aptly thus, complimenting each other.  This time in addition to acrylic colours I have also tried using water colour pencils as I feel it has more shades to offer. have used acrylic colours & water colour pencils. 

This is the final result ........... How does it look ????????

I also sketched this landscape in watercolours using line & wash technique.

Do drop in with your comments on the above.

Have a nice Sunday :)

Till next time have a creative crafty week :)



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