Friday, September 30, 2016

Short lived creativity :((

Hello !!!!

When I started to write this blog post I was very excited as after days of hard work I had finished my bottle painting. 

This is the first time I had tried bottle painting... thanks to Shashwatee Raut's ( DIY tutorial on the same. In case you are looking for innovative ideas on recycling & reuse then her blog is an ideal place to visit.:)

I chose phad painting (traditional painting of Rajasthan) to decorate my bottle and this is how it came out...

It just needed a coat of varnish and was ready to become  a part of my home decor..... but oooooooh my student's mother who had come to pick her daughter broke my bottle. It happened so fast....... in a fraction of second my bottle was lying scattered on the floor......:((( & now this is how it looks.

I am feeling so so very disappointing ........ Has anyone experienced this kind of incidence ????? Do share it .... will help me feel a bit better :)

I have nothing else to share,  only this pencil shading work which I did last week. Even though I have already shared it in Instagram, but I wanted to share it with my readers.

Do let me know how it looks......

Durga puja is just round the corner & I am planning to paint Maa in monochrome using madhubani art form.  My crochet runner is also lying untouched. Lots of things are going in my mind.... hopefully would be able to finish them all.....

Till next time take care and have a nice day !!!!



  1. Beautiful painting on the bottle dear... was not aware of phad style of painting. .though I have seen some.
    Sorry for broken bottle... But remember all's for the best..maybe you can paint one more to cheer up :)

  2. And the positive thing is you could capture the beauty in pics before it got disintegrated :)

  3. Beautiful painting and sketching!! I know how disappointed you must be. Once my husband left a gel pen on the table which had his favourite doily. Morning, almost 2inches of the portion of doily absorbed the ink. He felt bad and tried to wash also:)

  4. It happens Mousumi with everyone. Once I had almost finished my Madhubani and carelessly left it on the table. Then my younger son scribbled all over it just for fun. Your painting looks good and you should paint another one soon.

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