Thursday, April 5, 2018

Radha - Krishna once again......:)

Hi !!!! 

Its April and the summer heat is already so unbearable. Its touching almost 40 deg here in Delhi and with each passing day its going to get worse. Just hope that we get early monsoon this year :)

This past month has been very busy for me. My younger son was having his holidays & I was slogging in the kitchen preparing his favourite dishes. My maid also decided to go on leave so it was kind of taxing for me to do cleaning, cooking, washing & what not. 

Fortunately his school re-opened this Monday & I was able to complete my Madhubani painting of Radha-Krishna.

The painting is on handmade paper size 30" x 22" using acrylics colours & marker pens. The painting depicts Radha - Krishna in the centre surrounded by Gopis. I enjoyed making it......... Time to move on to short & simple projects.

Do drop in with your views on the above.

Have a creative week !!!:)



  1. A lot of work for a beautiful, colorful result !

  2. Nice painting .V r also experiencing a horrible climate. Afraid of may. Somehow v have to pass thru it.



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