Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hi !!!!!!!!!!!

On this first day of January 2012, I would like to wish all the visitors a Very Happy & Prosperous 2012

Now when i look back in the year that has just gone by, I am having mixed feelings.  Like any other year, 2011 also had its ups and downs.

If i look at the brighter side, then 2011 brought me back my old friends with whom i had lost touch. It feels quite nice when you meet them after a loooooooooong time. There is so much to catch up to. 

This was the year  when i took my hobby of creativity quite seriously and when my friend suggested i should write a blog on the same i agreed readily. Since then the journey of me & myself have taken a new shape. It has added up to my confidence level, because for me, this blog has been my space, my platform, where i could share my craft with you people without any hesitation. Be it candles, clay work, bead work or crochet, its been wonderful to share my knowledge with you. Also i would like to mention that, I have learnt a lot from other blog writers.Be it  Anitakumar's blog, which is devoted to ribbon embroidary(SRE)or which is solely a crochet blog. All are very good. Even though i am not a regular follower of these blogs, but whenever i visit these blogs, there work inspires me to push myself more and be more creative.

This was the year when i was able to visit Vaishno Devi Temple. At last after so many years of trying and trying finally, Mata called me to visit her. That was also a very beautiful experience. We were 10-15 people and we really had a very good time.

Last year one of my close friend had her first baby after 13 years of marriage. It was a delightful news, which once again ascertained the fact that there is God and if you have faith in him, nothing is impossible. You just need to trust yourself and your instincts.

2011 had its low moments. I lost my best friend whom i miss very much, every moment and every day. In fact she was the one who encouraged me to follow this path and who was my best critic. Sometimes without her, i do get lonely. I hope you are in peace wherever you are. Many famous personalities especially in Bollywood died like Shammi kapoor, Devanand, etc. Also who can forget Steve Jobs, founder Apple computers.

Well i think life is like that. Sometimes you smile, sometimes you cry. So personally I feel, that one should take life as it comes. No expectations and just pray to god that he gives us enough strength to overcome our loss and we are able to enjoy each and every moment of our lives.



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