Wednesday, January 4, 2012


With the descent of new year people start making plans. They start setting goals and aims for the new year so that they can work towards it. This not only adds to the positivety  in once life but also gives something to look forward to. I have also decided to do few things, follow certain regimes during the year 2012.

Usually I do not make any concrete plans for the future and generally flow with the situations and circumstances.But for a change this year, I have decided to make at least few resolutions so that I am able to utilize this year more fruitfully and effectively.

To start with I have given a new look to my blog. It is still in the makeover phase, and hopefully, once I am through, you guys are going to like it.

There are few more things about which I am very serious and which I would like to priortise in my everyday schedule. Those are :

1. I would like to become more active in my blog posts and will try to do at least 2-3 blog posts in a week positively.
2. As I look back, I feel that lately I have not been concentrating much on clay work. In face I have not done anything in  this medium since August 2011. I plan to amend this and will do 1-2 blog posts on same.
3. I would practice and improve my sketching which has a taken a back seat.
4. I want to learn other crafts and will start by learning U-pin laces.
5. Most importantly, I will go for my morning walks regularly. This I plan to take seriously, because of late I have become a bit lazy. Increasingly cold weather has also added to this, and some reason or other I try to avoid going for walks. But now this year I plan to push myself, and reduce max. 2-3 kgs.

Hope fully circumstances will prove favorable, and I would be able to accomplish my goals successfully. 


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