Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clay work

Hi !!!!!! My computer is still down, and I do not know how long it is going to take to get it repaired.Hopefully, it will get o.k ASAP and I would be able to post pics of my work. Currently I am using my son's iPad to do this blog post. But I have no idea how to download pics in this. Well "something is better than nothing" and this fits aptly in my situation.

 Anyways, today we will find out various forms of clay dough that can be made easily at home to create beautiful artifact.

 1 There is lamasa clay which is made by mixing cornflour, white glue,glycerine,zinc oxide and lemon juice. We have to cook it until it becomes thicker in consistency.Oil colors are mixed in the dough to give various shades/color to the art projects.

 2 Another form of clay is the one made of ceramic,white glue and little bit of glycerine. It's very easy to make and no cooking is can use acrylic colors to paint the finished projects.

 3 Then there is cold porcelain dough which is again a very soft form of clay that is used to mold various form of flowers,figures etc.The ingredients that goes into the formation of this clay is quite similar to lamas a with minor difference. Can be made by mixing cornflour,white glue,glycerine,lemon juice,Vaseline and little bit of water. You need to cook this mixture until it takes oatmeal consistency. After that knead the mixture into a soft dough. Apple cold cream in your hands before kneading. In these projects oil colors work best. But you can use acrylic paints on the finished objects.

 4 By mixing  flour,salt and food colors also one can create another form of dough which is best suited for kids project as it does not involves any kind of chemicals. in this case the finished projects are baked. 


 To prevent the clay from drying out soon, it should be kept in airtight containers.

Lemon juice, zinc oxide are various forms of preservatives added to avoid formation of termites since it involves food ingredients.

To make things easier various cutters are available to make different flowers/leaves.

 This info that I am sharing with you is solely based on my own personal knowledge of the same. I have worked with these clay and this is how I make them. In case you have your own version of the same, pls feel free to share it in this blog.

 Thanks for visiting my blog !!!!!

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