Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crochet Edging

Hi !!

This project is a crochet lace/edging which I have made for the neck of my kurta. I haven't attached it as yet, but this is how it is going to look.

This multicolored lace is very simple to make, I have picked up this design from a crochet book lying with me.

1. Make a chain of desired length.
2 Row 1 , make SC in 2nd chain from the hook and in each following chain to follow.Make 4 chain and turn.
3.  Row 2, make 3tr cluster at the base of turning chain. This way you have a cluster of 4tr. Ch 7, again a cluster of 4 tr in the same space. Skip 6 sc, then repeat , cluster of 4 trebles with 7 chains in between. Cont. till you reach the end of the row.
4. Row 3 , in each loop make 3sc, picot(chain of 4 then sc at the end of the chain). Follow this step thrice in the same loop. This way you have 3 picots in one loop. Cont. till end of the 3rd row. Fasten off.

 I also plan to attach a more wider lace on the arms of kurta. As soon as I have decided the design for the same, I will share it with you.

Till then take care, be safe and happy.

Thanks once again for visiting !!!!!!!


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