Sunday, September 2, 2012

Craft items from abroad

Hi !!!!!

This last week has not been quite good for me. Reason, I was supposed to get my pack of crochet yarns, which I had ordered online from Pradhan Embroidery Stores, Mumbai. Unfortunately, since the store uses resgistered post to deliver the goods, it seems somebody took out half of my stuff from the package. So I got only 30% of what I ordered, becoz of which I was not feeling so good. Though I have intimated the store about the same, but the matter is in pause mode at the moment.

But yesterday I received a very bigggggggggg  baggage of craft goodies from my dear friend, Teresa from Canada.Wow !!! it felt so good, to just go thru the stuff. I felt like a kid going thru the chocolate and toy boxes. This is acutally a Thank U Reward for the crochet bag and a SRE heart  I had sent her.

The package includes crochet threads, matte pieces of various colors, a whole bunch of silk ribbons, decorative items, like leaves, beads, needles etc. She also sent me few books on crafts.

Wooh !!! so many things, so many projects that I can do now. I feeling good already. 

Thank u so very much Teresa. I don't have enough words to thank u. But I still would like to say THANK U VERY MUCH.



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