Sunday, October 27, 2013

Decorative Photo frame

Hello everyone !!

Good morning ! With kids and hubby  around, my Sunday mornings are usually very busy. But since my husband is touring , I have decided to have a "take-it-easy" day. Yesterday was my niece's birthday and we had all gone to my in-laws place in Faridabad to celebrate it. We had loads of fun as it was a surprise party for the b'day girl, and the best thing was that the whole family had come together after a long time. I cooked a meaty version of Ghoogni (bengali dish made with chickpeas  combined  with minced chicken). I was a bit apprehensive, a little scared also,  as to how it will turn out, but thankfully every body  liked it . Quite rewarding for me as it was the first time I had tried it after watching it on a TV show, and it just "clicked" with their taste.I will share the detailed recipe of the same with you very soon. 

These days I am busy quite busy with relief work. Learning it has been quite challenging for me as it involves lot of cone work and which I believe is my weak area. Somehow I am not able to grasp the technique completely, which actually becomes quite frustrating for me. But still against all odds I am hoping that I would be able to master it and that is why I have decided to start with small projects to get more practice on the same.

This photo frame is one of those projects.  

The design is very simple and I have used oil colours for the same. In the end I have added a dab of golden colour to enhance it. Have added few decorative stones to give it a complete look. 

This is a very old pic of my son's b'day.

That's all for today. Do drop in with your comments on the above.

Have a happy Sunday and spend it the way you like it....




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