Saturday, October 19, 2013

Relief Painting

Hello everybody !!!

Dusshera just went by followed by Lakshmi Puja which we celebrated yesterday.Festive season has arrived accompanied with just a slight touch of winter. I am feeling more energetic  and time seems to be just flying for me.  Everybody is busy cleaning and decorating their homes. I just love the hustle and the bustle in the market places, watching smiling and happy faces and the excitement among the kids for buying fire crackers and new clothes. The ambience is totally amazing and contagious. 

Even though this is the time for candles, diyas  etc., but I am going to share with you a painting which I finished recently. This is called Relief Painting. It is made by mixing marble powder and fevicol. There are different ways of making it depending upon the kind of work you are doing. 

In this particular work, I have used canvas as the base and for the  3D look we have mixed glue and powder in equal ratio to make a  dough form. So the flowers and the peacock even the hair of the lady is hand moulded. The face and the neck area has been painted. Cone work has also been done to make the feathers. The colors used are oil colors and any kind of varnish has not been used.

I have been learning this art form since August and I have very lucky to find this artiste nearby only. He is very proficient in relief and tanjore painting. You can make out from the way the face is painted. Here I would like to add that even though he has had no formal training in drawing and sketching he has learned all these on the job.   

I plan to gift this painting to my friend overseas and hopefully she will like it.

Well that's all for today. Do drop in and leave your feedback.

Till then enjoy and be happy !!!!!




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