Saturday, August 16, 2014

Playing with pastel colors....

 Hello Ladies !!!!

 Good Morning to you all !!! 

Its been quite some time since I have done a blog post so I thought I will do a quick blog post and share with you my  arty  adventures which I have been concentrating on  lately............

Basically I am a very fickle minded person, I can't concentrate on one craft for long. So I hop from one craft  to another. This I feel adds on to my creativity and also helps to  keep boredom away. 

I have always wanted to gain expertise in sketching and coloring. Even though I do make drawings every now & then but I feel there are flaws in it & that I should get to know it more.

In my endeavor to do the same I have joined classes and would like to share some of my art work with you.

These are all oil pastel shading.

Do drop in with your comments /liners on the above. 

Have a nice weekend and "Happy Janamashthami " to all.

Till next time Ta..Ta..& take care



  1. Thanks Anna.

    Have a nice weekend.....


  2. Superb !!!! Your work is fantastic for a beginner and I think you are a very good artist :)

  3. Ha Ha Ha !!! don't worry you are not the only one fickle minded artist ..look around yourself you will find many alike hopping from one craft to another and definitely in helps you grow...... you are an excellent artists and one craft cannot satiate you.A painter in you is budding and growing excellently and your work with vibrant colours speaks for itself.....hugs and cheers

    1. Hi Ghazala !!!

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and appreciating my work. Lets see how long I stick to my artistic side.

      Take care and have a nice day..


  4. I'm the same too....I keep jumping from one craft to another :) this looks lovely the shading !

    1. Hi Reni !!!

      Thanks a lot...Also I wanted to tell you that your food blog is awesome.

      Take care & a have a nice day...


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