Saturday, August 6, 2016

My Sketchbook


Sharing with you these two paintings which I did on leftover handmade sheets.

In this one I  have tried to create fusion between madhubani & warli art forms..I have used madhubani borders and have drawn the sun in warli form accompanied with few warli figures. I have tried this before & you can find it HERE.

The second  is a proper warli painting but it didn't turn out exactly what I had envisioned. So I am feeling a bit disappointed. Will try to do better next time :))

Which one do you like the most ???? Let me know your opinion :)

Till next time enjoy & have a great weekend :)



  1. Very nice. I like both. In the second one the green background makes the warli pictures in that part a little dull otherwise it looks great. R u going to make it as a wall hanging.

    1. Thanks :) I knew something was not right with that painting but what, I was not sure ... Thanks for pointing it out :) I haven't decided on that yet..... Take care & have a nice day !!!:)

  2. I love both paintings. Sometimes we are not satisfied with our own creations but it does helps us to get better at it. I think it's very nicely done:)

  3. Both are beautiful, I liked the first one most.

  4. They are both lovely !!!
    I vote for nº 2
    Have a great Sunday !

  5. I liked both. But in the second one if you had not put green and some other color in the shades of pink, orange or yellow it would have looked great. Green seems to b little out of the league.

    1. Thank u so very much :) In fact now I am also thinking on the same lines :))



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