Saturday, August 13, 2016

Playing with stitches ......


Thank you all for your lovely comments / feedback on my previous blog post. Glad to know that you liked my little experiment with traditional art forms. I plan to take out some more time for painting in coming days.

Recently, I found these beautiful decorative embroidery hoops in my craft stash. So I decided to do some needlework for a change. A bit risky for my patience level..:))) still went ahead with it. Since I didn't want to do my project using regular stitches, I indulged myself with few Brazilian Embroidery patterns. Here I must mention that I don't consider myself very good in this, but in terms of learning something new I think I have done OK......

In this one I have made roses using bullion stitch and  leaves using fly stitch.

In the other one, I have incorporated various stitches... like for the flower I have used picot stitch, french knot for the centre of the flower, lazy daisy for the leaves and few bullion stitches for the buds. For the border I have combined chain stitch with buttonhole stitch & overlapped it with lazy daisy stitch. 

All these patterns are inspired from Pinterest, Mary Corbets , & few youtube videos. 

Please drop in with your comments on the above....

Have a great week ahead :) and A very Happy Independence Day to all you lovely ladies !!



  1. Both are beautiful!! I liked the second one more. I can't make bullion stitches properly.

  2. Lovely embroidery. .nice result! Reminds me of the minimum embroidery that I did as a child. .school project to learn all the above mentioned stitches :)

    1. So true lavina :) My embroidery projects also lasted till school days & a few projects after I started blogging. Have a nice day!!

  3. Looking at your beautiful work makes me wanna take out my needle and thread to embroider. They were so beautiful:)



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