Saturday, October 10, 2020

Crochet Doilies

Hi !!!!

I am coming after a long time :) Reason being I have been making these crochet doilies... I am kind of hooked to crocheting now. Earlier it was just an hobby which I could take over whenever I got bored with my paintings or just to rejuvenate my mind to over come the creative block ... 

But during these last few months I have taken up crochet very seriously.. I don't know why but after making few small doilies I started enjoying making them. I have learned to understand the graphs/diagrams of the design and its actually a huge accomplishment for me. 

Every pattern that I come across kind of becomes a challenge for me & until and unless I am able to comprehend it completely I go on trying  the same.

In this series I have made few doilies which I would like to share it with you:)

These are all made from Red Heart mercerised cotton ....

I hope you will like them.

Do leave your comments in the comment box..

Till  next time stay safe stay healthy:))



  1. All beautiful doilies !!!!!
    Have a nice weekend and thanks for your visit !



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