Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Key Holder

Hi !!!!

Have been quite busy this past week with my kids exam. I spend half of my time running after him to make him study which he religiously avoids. Its very tiring but at the same time very entertaining also. I will miss this phase once he is older. I will miss our debate of what good it will do to study and vice-versa. Well life is like this. There will always be some work or other, but still you have to take some time out to do what you would love to do the most. Keeping these lines in mind I did managed to complete my key holder on which i have done clay work.

I had got the basic cut out of this key holder. Have covered the base with ceramic clay. The thatched roof has also been created with the same clay. I have tried to portray an Indian village through this key holder. The man, woman, birds,pots and the bushes has been created through lamasa clay.Looking at the finished piece I feel I have been able to project my theme to quite  a extent.

Today is Valentine's Day and I would like to wish everybody the same. Hope love surrounds you all and your loved ones throughout the year.On this occasion I would like to share few lines which I have dedicated to my family and friends who have been there with me thru thick and thin.

Luv is beautiful,luv is nice,
It 's something that happens to everybody in life.
It is sunny, it's bright, 
That turns darkness into light.
Its ecstatic,passionate and wild,
That grows into you and fills you with pride.
Its all about caring and sharing,
And thinking of new ways of making,
The other person happy,
No matter what the situation may be.

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Enjoy your day !!!



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