Monday, February 6, 2012

Rock Painting

Recently I saw this kind of painting in So I thought I would do some of my own and share with you. I had some stones at my home, which I thought i will put in my terracotta pots for decorative purpose.Luckily, had some leftovers from that lot, on which i have attempted this art.

This is first stone painting I did and which you can see didn't come out very well. On this I painted a peacock which got a  little smudged.

This is another stone painting which I tried, and this time the results are much better than the previous one. I have simply painted some flowers and leaves on it with various colors.

I find this style very unique whereby you can decorate stones and use them as decorative items in  your home or use it as paperweight maybe or just simply fill up a bowl with this decorative stones and keep it on you center top. It it also a very inexpensive art as you only need stones( the one with smoother sides), a paintbrush and acrylic colors and you are ready to go.

You also try this thing out and send me some pics if possible.

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a nice day !!!!


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