Friday, February 17, 2012

Microwave Egg less Cake In Just 5 min

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I know you must be surprised. All of a sudden why am I doing this blog post on Cake.

Well actually today's my husband's b'day and like any other b'day I usually bake cake for him in conv.mode of microwave. But this time I made the cake in microwave without conv.and in just 5 min. Maybe many of you might be knowing this creative idea of baking, but for those who are not aware of this technique or who do have a MV without conv., this might help.  

The interesting thing about this cake is that to make this I didn't have to use the conv.mode in the microwave.Instead I just chose the high power level and set it for 5 min.flat. Initially I was worried about the taste, but then it did come out beautifully and very tasty and delicious. My birthday boy also liked it so I am very happy.Didn't decorate it becoz he likes it simple.

You can also try out this delicious recipe and surprise your family on this weekend.

I would also like to thank Kavita of CZs who shared the recipe with us.

For the recipe you can go to visit

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